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I am a full-time Killington, VT resident Female Ski Bum. Together with my dog, Vespi, we ski, paddle, hike, run, climb and bike our way through life. The spirit of the mountains feeds my soul - and sometimes rules my life! Come celebrate the sport of skiing with us :) May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You


    There's An Old-New Spirit in the Air: A Changing of the Guard at Killington 2012-2013
   Ski Bum Phobia; My Fear of Missing the Snow
    Just A Ski Bum: Finding Peace through Movement
    Skiing with the Boyfriend What it's like to ski together with the one you love
    SKIING: Alpine or Downhill? In search of a modern definition of skiing
    Bibbity Bobbity Boo! A Tribute to My Dad: How To Raise A Ski Bum
    No More Giggle for the South Ridge Triple: A Tribute to my Favorite Ski Lift

Local Treasures
   Kent Pond: Irene's Aftermath exposes a new wonderland
  The Beast: Our Winter Playground  Who needs toys when you have skis?
  Opening Day 2012: The Greatest Gift - Killington Opens October 13th for Passholders Only!!
 Your Freshies Just Got Snaked by a Dog: Sunrise Powder Run
  One Final Fling with the North Side: The 2012 Easter Snowstorm; 19 inches of Heaven!
  Skin to Killington Peak: An afternoon in the sun
  Tuckerman Ravine 2012: The Mecca of East Coast Skiing
  Tuckerman Ravine 2012: Candids with the Gang
  What More Could You Ask For? 12 Hours of Skiing in 12 Inches of Untracked :)
  I LIVE FOR THIS: First Lift Service of the 2011/2012 Ski Season
  Sleeping Bag? Check!  Skinning Up, Camping Out & Getting Fresh Tracks!
  Skiing Killington in July! Making History at the Big K
  From Flip Flops to Ski Boots: A Late Spring Tour at Killington

Trail Running
  Home Sweet Home (All 5 Peaks Worth)

Hiking & Backpacking
  Churchill Scott Shelter: A Night on the Appalachian Trail
  AT SOLO: Day 1 Lucy's at the Lookout
  AT SOLO: Day 2 Lying Naked on the Floor
  AT SOLO: Day 2.5 In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
  AT SOLO: Day 3 Rain is Different When You're In It

Canoeing Camping
   Waiting for Winter: A Trip to St. Regis Canoe Area Paddling plus summiting Long Pond Mtn 
  Little Tupper in the Adirondacks: We explore the ponds and lakes surrounding Little Tupper
  Lake Lila 2012: The Flatwater Gem of the Adirondacks
  Fish Pond Creek Loop3 Days, 6 Portages & 8 Ponds of the Adirondacks
  Acadia National Park: Paddling Mt. Desert Island
  With minimal snow on the ground, we head to the St. Regis Canoe Area
   Lake Lila: Wilderness Camping in the Adirondacks

  Freedom atop Dear Leap: finding peace in my body and soul
  Wanderlust Festival 2011 in Stratton, VT: Part I The Yoga

Mountain Biking
  Ride the Beast: Naked thoughts about downhill mountain biking at Killington Resort

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